1. 1. Device suddenly stop working when switch to Manual mode at a battery level below 15%

    If it jumps to max power it may stop working to protect the device.

  2. 2. It responses slowly when switch between Auto and Manual mode or swiping the power control slider

    The response speed will be affected by WiFi situation.

  3. 3. Timeout when opening homepage

    It may be affected by WiFi situation.

  4. 4. Dust amount does not match the actual cleaning result.

    The dust amount calculation is based on specific dust particles and it may vary depends on different dust size. 

  5. 5. iOS mobile needs about 15-30s to start the App when environment temp. is lower than 41°F(5℃)

    This is impacted by the hardware of iOS mobile.

  6. 6. The pre-filter is dirty but no remind of filter replacment.

    The pre-filter life cycle is setted as 50H cleaning time. The actual pre-filter life cycle may vary depends on the real cleaning situation. If the channel blocked indicator blinking, you need to check the air channel including the pre-filter and may need to clean the pre-filter as well.

  7. 7. Cleaning report is not accurate

    The cleaning report is based on data collection and calculation and it may delay or vary depends on the using environment.


  8. 8. A pop-up of device notification be covered during watching meida content

    You may move the pop-up and check the detail information.

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